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As a certified and award winning broadcast professional, project management professional, and entrepreneur, Tyi Flood continues to break boundaries as a young woman who thrives on achieving goals. Majoring in vocal arts, computer science, broadcasting and business management, she’s incorporated all facets of the entertainment and corporate lifestyle into her repertoire; from discussing relationships, news, and community awareness on her podcasts 'The T-Time Show' and 'Flood the Block Radio Show', managing corporate television divisions, acting in independent stage plays and films, and operating her travel and multimedia marketing businesses. 

Tyi began her mental health and wellness journey in 2016 with the release of her first published book Project Me: 30 Days To A Better You, followed by her children's book 'Mommy's Sad and I Don't Know Why.' She also founded Awesome Women of Empowerment, Inc. (The A.W.E. Group), which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization geared towards providing support and resources to help those living with mental health conditions. 


MOMMY'S SAD...and I don't Know Why

Little Tyler has noticed a change in his mother’s mood and appearance lately, and he doesn’t like it. Not only does she always appear sad, but she doesn’t have the energy or time to do the things that they once loved to do together. Tyler is worried. He knows that something is wrong with his mommy, but he’s not sure how or what to do. 

Project ME: 30 Days to a Better You

ProjectME is an empowerment movement for every woman seeking to reach her destiny and break the curses and influences that challenge her success.  This book provides insight on how to break down the barriers through implementation of 30 day processes and programs.  Guaranteed to touch the lives and hearts of many who is looking for their BREAKTHROUGH!                     

Seeing Myself in HER Story

S.H.E Anthology: Seeing Myself in her Story 

It doesn't matter where you are in life, Seeing Myself in HER Story offers inspiration to all readers.  The book greets every reader with testimonies that uplift, encourage, and act as a guide. 

From the trials and triumphs to the transparent topics, this book is designed to help you continue your path of pushing though. Read and relate, as our writers recant their stories of blessings and lessons while journeying to become their best selves. 

Ready to grab your SIGNED paperback copy? Order below!

My  passion is to empower and uplift those who struggle with common mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. 


For over 15 years, Tyi has lended her voice to the world as a podcast host, so speaking to an audience isn't new.  As Mental Health Ambassador and Wellness Coach, Tyi continues to use her voice to speak on things that matter to her the most, which is your wellness and healing journey. 

Featured On

  • The Lounge Boyz Radio (Listen Vision Radio)

  • That Anita Live TV Show (VA Cable/Podcast-Fairfax, VA),

  • Chip Chat Radio Show (

  • Purely Positive Podcast

  • Maryland Daily Examiner 

  • Rally Up Magazine

Speaking Topics

  • How to Adapt Coping Skills and Mantras for Positive Thinking 

  • Learning the Power of “NO”

  • Motherhood and Depression

  • Learning Your Triggers

  • Mental Health & Wellness



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